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Why Cyber 4 Healthcare?

While millions of healthcare professionals are on the front line fighting a global pandemic, malicious actors are using COVID-19 to carry out new cyber attacks. Authoritative voices are calling for attacks to cease...

How does it work?

The CyberPeace Institute, an independent non-profit based in Switzerland, will process your request for assistance, anonymize it and match it with a partner company that has the right expertise and resources. When you accept a selected partner, you'll receive cybersecurity assistance targeted to your needs, free of charge.

What is it?

A targeted service for healthcare organizations fighting COVID19 to find, in one click, trusted, free cybersecurity assistance, provided by qualified and reputable companies.

Want to know how we can help organizations? Discover here the testimonial of United Way Mumbai.

“The first sign of civilization is compassion.”

— Margaret Mead, anthropologist

Our partners in this initiative

Our partners have agreed to provide free expertise and resources to help combat COVID-19 in the digital space. All partners have been assessed for their cybersecurity excellence and their adherence to the 6 principles of the CyberPeace Institute.

Friends of Cyber 4 Healthcare

Non-profit organizations that support Cyber 4 Healthcare with valuable advice and global connections.

Cyber 4 Healthcare

Our mission is to protect people from cyberattacks, conduct fact-based analysis and promote policy discussions based on data. For more information about the CyberPeace Institute, check out our website.

The 6 principles of CyberPeace Institute


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